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Business Intelligence (BI) systems take you to the next level of Performance Tracking beyond the dashboard.

A BI system gives you the ability to explore data by slicing and dicing it quickly and easily, using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes, such as those built with Databeacon.

These "Excel pivot tables on steroids" make it easy for anyone in your organization to dig into data trends, see correlations, explore data relationships -- in a word, to get more "insight" into what is going on behind the numbers.

A BI system can also deliver standard performance reports -- weekly sales results and trends, monthly financial results versus budget, and many more.

Data for your BI system can be sourced from databases, flat files, a data warehouse, data marts, operational data stores, Excel spreadsheets and more.

BI systems can hep you see across functional boundaries by combining data from production, sales, finance and more.

Deliver BI cubes to your users in as little as 6 weeks

With Databeacon, developing and deploying information in easy-to-use cubes is fast.  There is no software for your users to install, and using the cubes is intuitive for non-technical users.

Databeacon uses open-standards technology for an easy fit into any IT environment.

Collaboration means higher productivity and a common set of numbers.

Distribute common reports once to all users through pre-defined cube views.

Users can create their own reports and share them with others via email, Excel and PDF.

Deliver information to your customers and suppliers over an extranet using secure, highly compressed cubes.


Integrate your BI cubes and reports into your existing corporate portal.

With the Databeacon Professional API, it is easy to put your cubes at the fingertips of all your users, with custom web pages that fit into your portal.


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