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dashboard reporting systems

See the data you need to see.  In as little as 5 weeks.

Get critical performance numbers, summarized in easy to read, attractive, quick access graphical and cross tab displays.

Drill downs and links give you immediate access to other dashboards and reports.

Dashboards deliver information on your business operations -- such as labour hours, revenues, expenditures, sales activities, marketing promotions, resource utilization, quality, service levels, and business events.

Performance achievement vs. target is easy to see -- so executives can quickly focus on the areas that need attention right now.

Data can be refreshed in real time -- great for monitoring action.

Keep your dashboard up to date.

A dashboard must be kept up to date with 'right time' data.  If you already have an ETL capability in-house, we'll work with you on defining the data feeds you need to supply to the Dashboard.  If you don't have an ETL tool, i2D provides our own PTiView(TM) production engine to gather the latest data, on schedule, consistently, with no manual intervention.

The PTiView production system lets you automatically:
- meet production schedules
- use one production system for all your dashboards
- load all the requried data from the correct source
- refresh your dashboards with current and validated data
- include recovery and restarts, email notifications, audit and process logs
- distribute the dashboards electronically, with security access

i2D dashboards are developed with the award-winning iDashboards software.  For more information on iDashboards, see our Partners page.

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